Support Volt in Becoming a New Political Party!

Volt Europa, the pan-European political movement, is preparing to launch in Ireland as a registered political party, and we need your help!

We are looking to collect 300 signatures from Irish and EU citizens residing in Ireland, in order to meet the requirements to become an official political party.


Volt Europa is a political organisation and movement that is active across over 30 European countries, and with over 60 elected representatives to date, ranging from local government councillors to the European Parliament. 


Volt stands for a new way of doing politics in a new, pragmatic, and progressive way, campaigning for social equality, economic renaissance, a smart state system, citizen empowerment, and increased European collaboration and integration. We want to change Irish society for the better and break the status quo, working in tandem with our party colleagues across Europe, offering a radical change towards social, economic, and environmental progress. Learn more about our 5+1 Challenges of Volt Europa, our simplified common policy plan across the Continent. 

We will process your data based on your consent, pursuant to art. 9.2(a) GDPR. All data management and protection will be conducted in accordance with the Volt Europa Privacy Policy, but if you have any questions about the treatment of your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer at

We need 300 signatures from Irish citizens and residents (including EU citizens based in Ireland) to qualify for official status as an active political party in Ireland. Of these, we need at least 150 to be eligible to vote as per the Register of Electors


In adding your signature to our campaign, you would be supporting the call for Volt become a viable and credible alternative to the current list of political parties in Ireland, and a new way to vote in upcoming elections. If you are not happy with how politics work in Ireland, or you don’t have faith in any current party, then we’d love for you to support our efforts to become a new alternative.

If you are happy with how government works in Ireland today, and have no complaints about politics at home or in Europe, then you’ve nothing to worry about. 


If you feel instead, however, that Ireland could benefit from a new, progressive, and pragmatic voice on the ballot paper and potentially in government, then we would love to have your support to help us become that new option, at the very least. (Of course, we would also welcome new volunteers and members, too!)

Sign the petition that can be found here – it’s as simple as that! If you’re interested in getting involved with Volt, click here to join us or subscribe to our newsletter.

Currently, the status quo of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil has seen Ireland struggle to bring effective social or economic change to people in Ireland, and yet, they are often seen as the only pragmatic options on the ballot paper. Other parties, meanwhile, suffer a lack of public confidence, based on their history, rhetoric, or past record in coalition. 


The key advantage with Volt is that, with over 40,000 members across Europe, the call for a mandate for better politics is loud and clear. The problems that affect Ireland, from the housing crisis to public spending mismanagement, also affect other member states of the EU. If the older Irish parties are unable to resolve the issues we face, then Volt wants to rise to the challenge; working in the same breath in Ireland as with our colleagues across Europe. Read more on our policy portfolio here.

Temporarily, yes. If you sign up, you’ll be contacted by our community lead to learn more about Volt, and see if you wish to become an active member, or be a signatory to support our registration only.

No. As Volt grows across Ireland, we want to run candidates for every level of government; city/county council, Dáil Éireann, Seanad Éireann, and for the European Parliament. Our goal is the same no matter which kind of election we face, and the impact we can make will be in conjunction with our elected representatives in other parts of the EU. 

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