Volt Europa Launches New Irish Website
Volt Ireland welcomes new members as part of pan-EU political movement
Dublin, 14 October 2021 – Volt Europa, the pan-EU political movement with over 60 elected politicians across Europe, has launched its new website for the organisation’s developing Irish wing, Volt Ireland.

Volt has drawn unique attention in recent European elections as the first political organisation with the ambition to become active as a single progressive and anti-populist political party across Europe. The party already boasts one MEP, Damian Boeselager, as well as three members of the Dutch parliament, and many local councillors across Germany, Italy, and Bulgaria. In preparation of celebrating Ireland’s 50th anniversary of its membership of the European Union in 1973 and increasing activity across the country, members of Volt Ireland have launched voltireland.ie to raise awareness of the eurocentric political movement and its succinct “5+1 Challenges” policy summary; namely to promote a smart state, innovative economics, social equality, EU reform, citizen empowerment, and a stronger EU-wide foreign affairs stance.

Alessandro Del Gener, Volt Europa’s Country Lead for Ireland, said about the website launch:

“We are very excited to launch our new Volt Ireland website, which will explain clearly the key policy stances that Volt wishes to make across Europe, including here in Ireland. We believe that many Irish voters recognise that major issues like housing, healthcare, economic stability, and social equality are not problems for Ireland alone – they are European issues, and therefore we wish to work together with our colleagues in Volt Europa to find European solutions.”

Reinier van Lanschot, Co-President of Volt Europa, added:

“We are so excited to spread the message about Volt to the Irish public, and inspire voters to take a European perspective on many of the political issues affecting Ireland today. Volt is a unique political movement, because we recognise that we are able to work together to improve the quality of life for our fellow citizens, whether that’s in Dublin, Düsseldolf, Copenhagen, or Cork. We invite Irish voters to visit this new site about Volt Ireland, to learn that a European alternative is possible, whether that’s as a new Volt representative in Brussels for Ireland, in Dáil Éireann, or at local council level. We can’t wait to see what happens next.”

The website launch comes ahead of the 2021 Volt Europa General Assembly, which takes place this weekend in Lisbon, where a number of Irish Volters have travelled to represent the developing wing of the movement. The new Volt Ireland website is available at voltireland.ie, where people can sign up for membership or learn more about the movement’s various policies.

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