Volt Ireland Condemns Russian Attempts to Partition Ukraine,
Calls For Strongest Sanctions Possible.


> Russian forces are a “blatant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty”; requires unified European response
> Volt Ireland calls on Government to use UN Security Council seat “to its best advantage possible”


22 February 2022


Dublin – Volt, the pan-European party, has condemned Russian forces being deployed in eastern Ukraine by Vladimir Putin as an irrefutable and unprecedented breach of international law, of the Minsk Protocol of 2014, of Russia’s own international commitments, and a declaration of war against Ukraine.


Volt Ireland, the Irish wing of the party, has called on Minister Simon Coveney to take full advantage of Ireland’s position on the UN Security Council, and as a historically neutral country, in working towards a return to peace in eastern Ukraine.


“The decision to move so-called Russian ‘peacekeeper’ forces into Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of eastern Ukraine is a blatant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty”, said Marcus Matthews, President of Volt Ireland, “and one that deserves swift and stern sanctions from the entire European Union, including Ireland. The Irish people quickly recognise partition in action, regardless of how the Kremlin attempts to shape the narrative, and as such we call on Minister Coveney to use Irish position in the UNSC and as a historically neutral country to its best advantage possible in calling for peace, while supporting national and European sanctions against Russia until peace is achieved once more.”


The fact that President Putin has referred to Ukraine as “a modern construct that is inextricably linked to Russia” paves the way for a larger scale invasion of the Country. This is why Volt calls on the European Union to answer with unity, strength, and severe sanctioning.






If the Russian Federation does not retracts its troops, Volt urges the international community to:


sanction Russian banks, companies, military personnel, and other Kremlin-linked individuals, their families, and their business partners;
stop all business deals with the Russian state, Kremlin-associated individuals, and companies;
freeze all assets of state-owned companies or companies and individuals associated with the Kremlin.


Meanwhile, Volt Ireland has called on public support to gather signatures in its effort to legally register as an official political party here, with the intention to run candidates in upcoming local and European elections in 2024.


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